Back on Track Back Warmer

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Back Warmer is made from fabric which contains polyester thread embedded with fine ceramic powder. It is designed to reflect the horses own body heat back into the body in the form of far infrared waves.

Benefits of far infrared waves:

  • Increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues
  • Reduces muscle spasms and general muscle pain and discomfort
  • Reduces lactic acid in over worked muscles
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Relaxes horses that are nervous or tense
  • Speeds up recovery in between events or races

The Back Warmer can be used to warm up the back muscles before exercising, thereby reducing the risk of strains or injury. Most importantly it can expedite the recovery of established injuries. The Back Warmer is helpful for all horses, but especially those with muscle problems in the back. Horses with cold backs will benefit greatly.

It can be used on its own using a surcingle or you can attach it inside another rug using velcro. It is made from 100% polypropylene infused with Back on Tracks revolutionary new ceramic infused fibre.

100cm x 100cm