Bare Equine Zinc Putty


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ZINC PUTTY - 300 grams.  High Zinc Content (25%) with Kunzea Oil

Festy Fetlocks?  Scatter those scabs with our Zinc Putty.

Greasy Heel, Rainscald, Rub Marks, UV filter. Also suitable for use onThrush.

Smoothes and retextures skin, protects from exposure to elements.  Potects against drying effects of the sun. 

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - No petroleum or mineral oils

Contains:  Beeswax, Natural Oils, Zinc & Titanium Dioxide, Vitamin E, Neem, St.Johns Wort, Kunzea, Lemongrass & Eucalyptus. 

A must have thick zinc putty for the tack room.

Contains Zinc & Titanium Dioxide for extra coverage.

Prevents and protects against drying effects of the sun and moisturises sun damaged skin.

Beeswax and natural oils for ease of application and water resistance.