Basic Tool Kit 11 Piece Leatherwork Set

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  • This basic leatherworking is ideal for anyone wanting to get in to making belts, dog collars, harnesses etc. Including a book full of projects and quality tools focused on items that can be made from heavier veg-tanned leather, it contains all you need to make a start, besides the leather.

    Beginning Leatherwork book by the legendary Ron Edwards.
    Strap cutter to quickly and easily cut leather belts of any width up to 100mm.
    Safety beveller for thinning and skiving leather.
    Scratch awl for marking out patterns and making holes.
    Nylon "bone" folder, for folding leather and burnishing edges.
    Mega Cutter utility knife.
    Edge beveller for rounding the edges of heavier leather.
    Adjustable edge crease for marking creased lines along the edge of leather.
    Wing dividers for spacing patterns, holes etc.
    Revolving punch for making holes of 6 different sizes.
    Snap setter kit for setting various sizes of press studs.
    Ideal beginners tool kit.