Doctor Shoe Cleaning Brush

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Our SHOE DOCTOR crepe and nylon suede brush cleans and removes dust from suede, nubuck and calfskin. This crepe and nylon suede brush is a basic necessity for suede care. It is made of plastic and features two different sides. One side has crepe rubber and the other side has nylon bristles allowing both to ensure deep cleaning of the suede without ever damaging it. The crepe side is used primarily on the entire surface of the suede, while the side with the nylon bristles helps in reaching precise areas of the shoe. Use this brush when the suede becomes shiny and flat. As the suede undergoes friction, its fibres often become flat, darkened and shiny spots begin to appear. This brush removes dirt and grease that obstruct its fibres and causes it to shine. To use this crepe and nylon suede brush, simply rub the suede fibres with the rubber crepe side to remove any dust encrustations. The crepe also lets you de-lustre the suede to fluff up its fibres and restore its original look. This crepe and nylon brush can be used dry or with a suede cleaning product. Use a suede cleaning product for stubborn stains or dust encrustations. Use the nylon side for difficult-to-reach places or for precision work on the welt stitching, brogue perforations and leather joins. The brush allows you to vigorously rub the suede without damaging the shoes or altering the suede's appearance.