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 Agspand Feedchar

Quality mineral–charcoal dietary feed supplement for animals

Agspand Pty Ltd’s Feedchar™ is a 100% Australian mineral–charcoal dietary feed supplement for all farm animals (horses, cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, pigs and chickens) that might assist with digestive discomfort, poor feet, skin and body condition, weight loss, stress and anxiety from ingesting plant toxins that commonly occur on and in pastures, hay, grains and feeds during both wet and dry seasons.

Agspand’s Feedchar is based on simple ingredients — organic charcoal and natural mineral clay — that animals seek for themselves in the wild to help with gut imbalances, acidosis and potent-plant effects.

Agspand’s Feedchar is a Certified Allowed Input for Organic Farming in Australia, number SXC 19091. Its monitored and tested ingredients pass all WHO and Australian requirements as safe to feed to animals (MSDS available online). Feed-grade charcoal is an Allowed Input for livestock in the Australian Organic Standard (2019). Quality natural mineral clay supplements are accepted by the European Union (2016) as suitable mycotoxin binders for “All animal species”.

Feedchar has almost no taste, smell, or nutritional value. To support gut health and condition all year round, small maintenance doses of Feedchar may be fed continuously, with all feed types, and added with vitamins and more minerals or supplements, if desired.

You can buy Agspand’s specially formulated animal Feedchar™ products by purchasing them from Allocated Feedchar Stockists and Agents (see a list below). Or you can order Feedchar directly online, where a minimal freight charge applies.

The following table contains more information about plant potencies and how Agspand’s Feedchar™ may be provided to various animals. Agspand’s Testimonials page has reviews and further information from the field.

Agspand’s Feedchar is a Regenerative TRIPLE Carbon Farming Process supporting healthy animals, air AND soils!