Good As Gold 50g

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Good as Gold contains the nutrients required in the diet to help calm nervous, highly strung horses. High dose L-tryptophan, allows usually unmanageable horses to be reasoned with. Contains L-tryptophan, vitamin B1 and E, which are natural dietary supplements that assist in calming horses.

  • Assists usually unmanageable horses to be trained
  • Aids in reducing injury to horse and/or rider by helping to relax nervous or highly strung horses
  • Aids in loading and unloading horses from transport vehicles without agitating the horse
  • Excellent for barrier rouges


Good as Gold - shouldbe used daily at times where there is a need for a more relaxed and manageable horse.

Direction for Use

  • Pre Competition/Stressfull Situations 50g per day mixed with the feed for 3 days
  • Use 25g per day for continual use