Inside Out Horses 1kg

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Probiotic & Nutraceutical

INSIDE-OUT can benefit your horse because it:


  • Contains a nutraceutical blend of natural holistic ingredients including pre & probiotics

  • Optimises intestinal health

  • Supports a balanced immune system

  • Optimal digestion of nutrients

  • Assists with gaining and maintaining condition

  • Supports animals under stress

  • Supports a healthy skin and coat

  • Supports animals with digestive upsets

  • Improves manure quality

  • Supports picky eaters

  • May help reduce sudden behaviour changes, irritability & sensitivity around the girth

  • May help animals with windsucking, cribbing & teeth grinding issues

  • Helps reduce feed costs

  • Small feed rate


Feeding rate


20g/2 scoops - Horses in work, under stress, weanlings, lactating mares, mares late gestation


10g - Horses not in work, ponies under 200kg 


Available in 400grms & 1KG
Larger sizes available on request as a special order