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  • Three forms of iron for maximum absorption, including organic iron aminoates which eliminate gut irritation and increase absorption.
  • Co-factors of copper and cobalt which are essential to incorporate iron into haemoglobin.
  • Highly palatable molasses flavoured liquid.
  • Liquid formulation for easy mixing in feed or administering over the tongue.


  • All dogs in work
  • Dogs recovering from illness
  • Red blood cell production
  • Haemoglobin formation
  • Helps improve oxygen carrying capacity of the blood


  • The nutrients in IRONCYCLEN are scientifically balanced for:
    • Speed
    • Optimises oxygen levels in the muscles for speed and peak performance.
    • Improved bloodcounts
    • Only 15-18% of the iron in the feedstuffs of the average horse’s diet is absorbed.
    • Stamina
    • Optimises the red blood cell levels to deliver oxygen to the body, vital for stamina
  • 3 forms of iron for maximum absorption

    IRONCYCLEN contains 3 forms of iron which are readily absorbed by the gut and are generally of a higher quality than the regular iron used in many supplements.

  • Essential balance of co-factors: copper and cobalt

    These blood building co-factors are essential for red blood cell and haemoglobin production. Without these co-factors, even with high levels of iron, the horse will still be unable to produce optimal amounts of red blood cells.

  • Quality and freshness assured

    Packaging is light proof to prevent oxidisation of iron and co-factors by exposure to light, air and also to maintain stability and freshness.

  • Highest quality ingredients

    Virbac has always had a commitment and reputation for quality. The high quality of IRONCYCLEN can only really be appreciated once you have started using it and seen the results.

  • Palatable molasses flavoured syrup

    For ease of dosing over the tongue or mixed into feed.