KER Hemabuild

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Ker Hemabuild

Ker Equivit Hemabuild contains a concentrated blend of organic iron, copper and B vitamins to assist in the production of red blood cells and improve appetite in horses.

Horses under the rigours of training, competition or recovering from illness may be affected by either a reduced production of red blood cells or a reduced lifespan of their red cells, leading to anaemia and a reduced appetite. Ker Hemabuild is a daily supplement that supplies the essential nutrients for red blood cell production and can be given in the feed or dissolved in water.

Key Features:

  • Soluble powdered supplement for horses
  • Contains essential nutrients for red cell production
  • Ideal for when red cell counts are low or horses are flat or off their feed
  • Can feed daily or prior to and after fast work, race, competition or travel
  • Will also darken coats in show or sale prep horses
  • Suitable for horses in training, racing, competition, travel or those recovering from illness or injury


Usage Instructions:

May be given in the feed or dissolved in water. Give 15 grams daily as required - based on a mature body weight of 500kg. May be fed strategically for 3 days prior to and following a race, competition or travel. To darken coats, feed for up to 20 days or until the desired colour is achieved.


Note: Not recommended for palominos or buckskin horses as may cause smutting in coat colour.