Kerckhaert Liberty E4 Nails 250pcs

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Liberty Horseshoe Nails are designed to precise and consistent specifications for optimum clinching provide consistent driving and outstanding finish. Liberty Nails are packaged in plastic containers containing 250 nails per box.Nail making has always been a traditional process, made on long serving machines to standards developed generations ago.

The Liberty Nail has blown that tradition away by using the latest computer controlled machines which produce nails at a much higher level of consistency, and using the very latest high quality material, superior to what has been used before.

Liberty Nail; the combination of advanced materials, modern computer controlled production and the highest quality control, results in a nail which professional farriers worldwide are now using, choosing to go with the best nail on the market.

The quality of the Liberty Nail is also found in the detail of the design. The features which you find in the edges of the head, the blade and the point are only possible because of the brand new machines making the Liberty nails and the attention to every aspect of the production. 

47.5 mm