Keys, Coins and Coupons Wallet

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It’s little bifold wallet, made of tough, weatherproof Australian oilskin. The attached split ring allows it to be used as a keychain Or, you can use it like a wallet, albeit one that lacks the bulk of a traditional wallet.

The inside contains a zippered pouch for coins or folded notes and a second compartment has room for cards, receipts, or fuel vouchers.

The Keys, Coins and Coupons fastens securely with Velcro to keep everything inside.


  • Ruggedly handsome, the weatherproof Australian oilskin keeps your money safe.
  • Split ring allows it to be used as a keychain to keep everything together. No more searching in two places!
  • Zipped pocket for coins or folded notes.
  • Second pocket fits cards, or can be used for receipts, etc.
  • Velcro closure keeps everything nice and compact.