Koolmaster PVC Shade Mesh Combo – Drovers Saddlery

Koolmaster PVC Shade Mesh Combo

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Annoying flies and insects a big problem for you horse over summer? This summer horse rug is the ultimate in fly protection.

What makes this horse rug so effective in keeping nasty bugs away is the weight.

Weighing in at approximately 2.7kgs, the heavy PVC Shade Mesh Combo eliminates the likelihood of bugs getting trapped underneath.

With the strength and durability to outlast harsh UV rays, the additional mesh guarantees maximum breathability and airflow, a key priority when choosing a horse rug for Australian summers.
• Extremely strong PVC mesh
• UV ray protection
• Breathable
• Satin lining to protect shoulders & mane
• Single chest strap
• Strong leg straps
• Large tail flap