Old Timer 96-OT Bearhead Trapper Stock Knife

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Old Timer 96-OT Bearhead Trapper Knife is 4" long closed.
• It has a long skinning clip and spey blades with field pick and tweezers.
• The blade is a saw cut pattern for safe, comfortable use and solid nickel silver bolsters.br>• The blade position of Old Timer knives corresponds with the shape of the knife to ensure a proper cutting angle.
• All Old Timer blades are properly finished and ground sharpened, and undergo thorough quality assurance testing.
• 4" Closed.
• Recommended Pouch: KNF6930.
• 2 Blades, each 83mm.
• Includes pick and tweezers.
• 4" (105mm) Closed.
• Blade Material: 400 Series Stainless Steel