Pharmachem DMSO Dimethyl Sulphoxide

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Pharmachem Dimethyl Sulphoxide D.M.S.O.

DMSO is often used in the treatment of tendon & ligament injuries. Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a chemical solvent that is commonly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It is marketed by Pharmachem as a topical pain reliever.

Key Benefits:

DMSO is thought to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. It is believed to work by reducing pain and swelling, and by increasing blood flow to the affected area. Some people use DMSO for a variety of conditions, including arthritis, joint pain, and muscle pain.


The active ingredient in Pharmachem DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide (99.9% purity). It is a clear, colorless liquid that is soluble in water. Concentration is 99% DMSO & 1% water.

How to use:

DMSO should be applied topically to the affected area. It is important to clean the area thoroughly before applying the product. You can use a cotton ball or swab to apply the liquid to the affected area. The product should be allowed to dry completely before covering with clothing or a bandage. It is recommended that you apply the product two to three times per day.


DMSO can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in some people. It is important to test a small area of skin before using the product on a larger area. If you experience any itching, redness, or swelling, discontinue use immediately. DMSO should not be used on open wounds or broken skin. It is also important to avoid contact with eyes, as it can cause irritation and burning.

Not for use in breeding stallions or pregnant mares. Contact a veterinarian for more information on the use DMSO.