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Recharge 1L

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Fluid and electrolyte depletion due to strenuous exercise and sweat loss during training, racing, competition and transport in all performance horses.


  • Horses prior to, during and after travel
  • Performance horses following sweat loss
  • Rehydration after illness or diarrhoea
  • 'Tucked-up' horses - showing signs of dehydration


Each 60mL dose contains:

Sodium 2.4g Magnesium 176mg
Potassium 1.8g Sulphate 695mg
Chloride 3.8g Glucose 15.6g
Phosphate 1.4g



RECHARGE® concentrate solution can be administered by oral syringe over the back of the tongue, with immediate access to clean, fresh water provided to drink as required. Alternatively, RECHARGE® can be diluted with clean, fresh drinking water as directed. Dosage rates are for 450-500kg horses. Ponies less than 350kg offer half dose volumes.

By oral syringe over tongue Made-up drink in water
Light work
(up to 30 minutes duration)
after exercise
40mL in 2 litres of water
Moderate work
(30-60 minutes duration)
after exercise
60mL in 3 litres of water
Heavy work.
Racing, Jumping, Dressage, Polocrosse, Polo, Stock Work
after exercise
80mL in 4 litres of water
Heavy Sweat Loss and
Dehydration in all horses, Endurance, Eventing
80mL after exercise 80mL in 4 litres of water



  • Severely Dehydrated Horses: 6-8 litres of made up solution (40mL RECHARGE/litre water) may be administered by stomach tube as required under the supervision of a veterinary surgeon.
  • Endurance Exercise: 60 - 80mL can be administered by oral syringe over the tongue, during a ride or at check points, provided water is available or offered immediately.
  • Travelling Horses. Hot weather or long distances: 40 - 60mL over tongue with water provided 30 - 60 minutes before travelling, repeat every 2 - 3 hours during travelling, and again on arrival as required.