Knotted Slow Feeder Haynets

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These Knotted Hay Nets are made from a Heavy Duty and high strength PP (polypropylene) with a super-strong 240ply, the strongest on the Australian market. The Knotted nets are made with our very generous and easy to fill sizes. These Hay Nets have been shown to reduce hay waste by up to 50%. 

Slow feeding your horse allows them to eat for longer periods of time, without feeding them more. 

Slow feeding is to, by use of some mechanical device (usually a restricting feeder); make it impossible for the horse to fill his mouth with hay. By slowing down the eating pace the same amount of hay will last longer and therefore will keep the horse occupied and stimulated for a longer period of time. It basically replicates grazing but in a controlled manner.

SMALL: Suitable for up to 3 generous biscuits of hay.
MEDIUM: Suitable for UP TO 4-6 biscuits or half a bale of hay.
LARGE: Suitable for full small bale size.