Vic Alps Barcoo Bridle


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Another real Australian Stock Horse Styled Barcoo Headpiece, the Vic Alps Barcoo, features a little bit fancier browband.

An elegant browband which has the Choc Brown leather with three scalloped sections at the centre.  Then detailed with a beautiful Brass Crest in the centre of the middle scallop. Either side of the Crest a band of raised plaited gold rope runs to the brass rings of the headpiece. The Browband edges are sewn in a contrasting mustard coloured Coates stitching.

A fully adjustable throat lash with brass swage buckles to ensure the ultimate fit under the gullet.

  • 3193 Choc Brown Premium Drum Dyed Leather with contrasting yellow/ mustard coloured stitching.
  • All Brass Hardware