Victor Double Ring Hobble Belt

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Crafted from quality drum-dyed leather, edge-sewn with lock-stitched, UV-stabilised nylon thread.

Features two solid brass hobble rings. a solid brass buckle and leather keeper.

Crafted from 38mm quality Oak Brown, drum-dyed leather, and sewn with UV stabilised nylon thread.


The measurement for belt size is taken from the end of the leather, to the middle hole. This is different to your pants size.


The general rule of thumb is to add 2 inches (5cm) to your pant size, however, for more accuracy you can take you measurement as follows:

Step 1. Put on your outfit as you would normally wear it with a belt – with pants set at the right height, and shirt tucked in or out as you would normally wear it.

Step 2. Pass a tape measure through your belt loops, pull it close as you would a belt and take the measurement. This should be your approximate belt size.

Belt sizes are set in 2 inch (5cm) increments so if your measurement falls between sizes, round up to the nearest belt size.

How to measure belt size - diagram