Wild Horse 3 Dart Fly Veil Rider

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Finally, a Rider Fly Veil in our famous 3 Dart Design. Black Nylon Mesh Fly Veil with adjustable Velcro attachments at all points and suitable to most bridles. Patented 3 Dart design with high airflow and 70% better visibility. Recommended by vets for eye-health.

  • Our famous patented 3 Dart Design for full eye clearance.
  • High visibility with our unique black Nylon Mesh.
  • Designed to hold it’s shape and not collapse onto the eyes
  • Nylon Mesh does not absorb the heat from the sun or burn your horse’s face
  • Protects eyes from flies, dust, and debris while riding
  • Can remain attached to the bridle
  • Easy to attach with adjustable Velcro tabs at all points
  • No need for toxic, messy fly sprays
  • Great fit on most bridles
  • Causes no interference with the bit or reins.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, lightweight
  • UV70%
  • For a safer insect-free more comfortable ride!