Winter Formula 1.25KG

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Our Winter Blend has been formulated to help ease any stiffness your horse may develop during the colder months. The herbs selected for this blend are designed to warm the body from the inside by feeding the cells to stimulate an increase in blood flow, oxygen uptake and encourage appropriate immune responses.

The herbs included in this blend are:
Clivers rich in calcium, copper iodine and sodium
Nettles providing iron and Vitamin C
Raspberry Leaf high in flavonoids
Dandelion Leaf replaces lost potassium
Yarrow delivers calcium, phosphorus and copper
Gingko an antioxidant
Red Capsicum to aid absorption and the effectiveness of this blend

Please Note Owners should be aware that (1) some herbs in these blends contain naturally occurring constituents that may be restricted by equine sport regulators and (2) some herbs in these blends may be unsuitable for pregnant mares and we recommend that you consult with a qualified herbal practitioner or your veterinarian before using

Recommended dosage 1/2 - 1Cup Daily per 500KG horse